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Is there any skunkiness?
Maybe but it's more of a sweet skunk rather than rotten. I'm not very good with individual oders other than garage/car smells.

Nice job man lookn good so far!
Thanks man. Last run under the leds, with 4 different strains, I ended up yielding a little more than 20 oz. That was with the light drawing just over 3 amps. So let's say 400w max. Needless to say, I've turned it up a little more for this run. 😁

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I've heard lots of good things about purple punch. I kinda want to give that one a go. Your plants look great! They on 12/12 yet?
Naw I'm dragging my feet. I like big plants and I can not lie.

A couple may get topped/cloned cause the others are staying so short. Not to sure what I'm gonna do yet. Maybe a new tent!?! So they'll at least need to veg long enough to fill a 4x4 minimum.