Fruit and vegetable gardens 2023


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Yeah it did its job it was active when it needed to be I have it set to birds of prey and it keeps all the birds and bunnies far away
maybe not this year should be a peak year ,for rabbits. there are several more about this year than in the past several years. the hawks and eagels keep em in check, most of the time,old boy next door lost a wenier dog and a cat, to the big birds.


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I have a decent size mown yard area, that is getting smaller as I let clover and stuff take over. I have a few well established patches I am mowing around and letting go to seed. It is staying about 8" tall with a few taller but acceptable "weeds" in the mix.

Every evening it is all standing tall and lush green, in the morning it is beaten down from something rolling in it. Pretty sure it is the woodchuck I have seen out there before.

But my garden with a little easily climbable fence is still untouched. Like the clover is acting like a 'banker' plant, getting the attention of the pests before they get to the garden.


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Couldn't get a great pic of the entire garden but it's this mess. This is the epitomy of a test garden - I have lots of plants just taking up space and others making food. I can already pull enough beans to go with a meal - too warm though and the peas petered out. planting more beans to fill in gaps.
I have some pretty beans, but the Landreth Stingless and the Calima are both good early producers. The Landreth is just a snap bean, but the Calima is a long skinny one like the fancy ones you pickle or saute whole. The best producer for weight is the Dragons Tongue - which has also been the easiest to manage and the prettiest
The Red Swan pole beans are just coming on but should add color to the garrden
Here's a perfect little slice of the success/fail. On the right is a dangly string wiere a Phils One tomato was - chipmunks took the roots. The monster is an orange accordion - also a novelty tomato - it has made a few flowers so far - no fruit starting. The left is the Phills Two and it might be culled.
The beans on the right are the Calima - supposed to be bush beans but the bean weight makes them fall over (noted). The shrubs to the left are blackbeans and they haven't made a bean yet, but are looking to be a large later producer.
The Phils tomatoes are lots of skin no meat. Thats one tomato, and you can see from all the flower stalks around it that didn't pollinate worth shit.
Crappy pic but here's what the new ones are looking like. So unless these taste like the best tomatoes ever they are just taking up space.
I have others that make food
I am also impressed with the Reisentraube cherry tomato. If it pollinates well - just WOW!! That is one tomato plant. It has a plant, then these sidecar limbs FULL of flowers, and a few have already started.
I have some sweet potatoes in the ground but had more plants than I had room for. Forest soil with whatever living soil was around the potatoes, then rice hull mulch. Looks like straw mushrooms


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I started this balsam "tree" inside and it is thriving outside in shitty grass depleted soil - and yes that's shredded mail and whatnot - just no plastic. This is in front of the house, and in the background that polebarn is above and to the right of my future garden. There's some clover patches behind the flower
This is about 200% larger than last year, I'll mow it for some sweet mulch at some point but the clover can go to seed first. One of my blackberry patches in the background
I had this leveled and cleared for a garden, but then when I started broadforking I was hitting lots of rock on the barren part in the foreground. That will have to be a shallow soil area or have beds or something because there's cement trash and bricks burried from construction. Fuckers... Nothing nasty bit nothing workable either. So I'll build soil on top. That's the polebarn base upper right for perspective.
But there is plenty that just needs good stuff growing instead of bad. and some biomass for mulch. The 3-sisters are hit and miss based on whatever I was able to work in one little spot, and which plants the bugs ate. some are just corn and beans, some will be just corn. The bright green plant to the upper right is tobacco
But some look like they will do well.
Next year I fence in a small part and work it like the back yard. For now I am constantly mowing, adding mulch, but letting other stuff go to seed
I have free cover crop


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The other thing I have going on is the indoor prep area. most of this will end up outside before the season is done, some are tiny pepper plants that might go either way. The Tomatoes and peppers just went from the starter cells to their vegging pots. A few 'maters will go out soon to fill in gaps, some are just to see what they are and may end up in pots. I have some medicinal flowers and herbs and flowers of the med and non-med variety. I think the peppers may do better if I get them big inside first. I have a cayenne plant that is about 8" tall and scraggly looking and it has a 3" long pepper ready to drag the ground. I have tobacco that has established outside oif I want to play with it more, but the top left plant will get a little bigger then get fermented root to tip. No clue how toxic it will be or if it will be a nice pesticide. Lots of testing, probably on the tomatoes and peppers that end up in pots.

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Finished putting up post for the soon to be orchard.

Just need to install the hardware and repurpose some t-posts and electric fence wire, after that I can plug in the trees.

I'm tempted to wait until next spring to plant them to ensure they have a good start and I can give them a proper pruning before they break dormancy.

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Caught another one this morning but most of it was left in the hole when our oldest ripped the trap out.😬

So far the GopherHawk with the probe is highly recommend. It's been the easiest and most effective method by far. The fact that it's reusable, repairable, no poisons/smoke residue and is "set it and forget it" makes it worth the money.


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This assortment is all rime at various shades and colors. The surprise this year so far is the "Barry's Crazy Cherry". The small pointy end pale yellow one. Massive quantities and very tasty. The wierd shaped thingies are all part of one of those wierd Phils tomatoes. They are second best in taste but shit to grow. The little fingers on the 'tomato' don't all ripen at the same time. The purple pepper is the only one with heat unless I got lucky with the shishito. Loaded tots for this batch ;)

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I'm always amazed how much farther you guys are back East. My buddy in MO sent me pics of his harvested beets and mine are about 6" tall...big for this time of year thanks to a very active worm bin and a few amendments. Calima beans (we dilly Bean/pickle em) coming in 2 waves...3 weeks apart. First wave is 12" tall and starting to set blooms. 2nd wave is 4inches tall. Lots of pepper plants...a few tossing out Poblanos/anehiems....but the majority are just setting bloom. 24 plants in 2-3 gal pots. Tomatoes have set a few fruits/are blooming well/rocking both inside and outside. In the greenhouse dome we're doing cherry tomatoes cus they take the heat better...and we have 2 50% aluminet shade cloths up to keep temps somewhat in check.

300 onions. A 4 x 8 bed of strawberries producing market size...but RIPE berries. None of that white center forced shit...LOL. Like fuckin candy.

Trying broccoli/Kholrabi.....but it may be too warm. Have kale and sorrel...mostly for the chickens...LOL....especially the kale. Chew...chew. I'm mostly a pant based eater but there are limits...LOL. Cabbage rockin'. Loves it here. Only occasional cabbage woms and I blast them on sight.

Growing everything under 20% white shade cloths this year. Usually take em up/down according to the risk of hail....but the UV here is so wicked we are seeing sunburnt peppers and I think it will just be welcome relief for everyone on the 90+ days. Ditto the weed. Trying it under the cloth. At the worst it will stretch.....but I did take out a pine tree that now allows more sun it should be an even-steven thing...if not better. That tree was blocking good afternoon sun... buh-bye!

I'll grab some shots soon....but it's just veggies....LOL.... be well all.....