Under Construction: Proceed With Caution! Buckets That Bubble & More...

Moved the clones into the cloner and now in my tent. Have not seen a response as of yet...been a couple hours. They may go in soil still....debating on this. 2 clones taken off the Jedi. DWC plants in flower are starting to show sex. Will determine sexes next res change. Extreme stretching under the new lighting.

Trichome check on Glue Cookies : 80 % cloudy rest clear. Maybe 1% amber. Possible popping new pistols?

New round of seeds getting ready to be dropped besides the 3 I started today.....Expert Gorilla, GG#4 S1, Glue Cookies
Update on the Strawberry Cough clone....While I am seeing nice root growth, her leaves aren't looking to well at all. At least her lowest set. May pull her out and baby her in a soil pot. Continuing to monitor this situation highly. Only been a couple days since I got them so were see in the next 48-72 hours. other 2 clones are thriving. This is because they were a little further along with rooting etc.
The last couple hours I have been looking to an Ebb & Flow system. A few people on OfferUp have some cheap res tables in my surrounding areas. Very possible I may jump on this...ever since making the switch to DWC from soil ( even though I still keep soil plants going on the ease ) I gotta admit. I have been infatuated with growing hydroponically. It's much different going from where you can literally drown your plants in soil to growing in water. It had taken a bit to get used to but I feel confident enough now to help others along with their growing troubles.
24 hours later my Strawberry Cough clone is starting to look much better. She had a light green almost yellow color. I bumped their nutrients up last night from 15 ml per gallon to 30 ml per gallon. I have them in 5 gallons but only fed for 4 instead of the full 5 because they are still so small. Checked PPM and it was in the 650 range. PH running at 5.9. Between the 3, nice root growth. Still no noticeable vertical growth on them as of yet. Monitoring this situation less now.

Alert has been put back on the Shock Trauma. Very finicky plant. Extremely hard to grow with it being an extremely light feeder. Besides having N toxicity and a slight calcium def, she is actually growing quite well. Possibly starting another to see if this is how the plant just is.....research to begin on the parents.
Shock Trauma (Medijuana x Night Nurse) is a indica F3 hybrid. Shock Trauma has a smooth earthy, heavy indica draw, with a flowery aromatic air. These are traits pulled from its Night Nurse mother. The taste is pungent and smooth with an almost chocolate flavor. Be ready to be medicated by its very strong sedative effect, which comes from Dad, Medijuana. Powerful head buzz takes away all anxiety along with possibly short term memory. Warm waves of pleasure surge through the body the perfect relaxation and sleep aid. Good medication for chronic pain, stress, and depression. Also good for PTSD, fibromyalgia and PMS.

Flowering period is about 60 days


This is the strain info. Pretty plant too....
3 Run Homer aka Slam is an indica leaning hybrid F3 that delivers a home run every time. The bases are loaded with this 3 way cross of GDP, Fruity Pebbles OG and Bruce Banner 3! There are a few phenotypes now and it seems that most phenos have a combination smell that is a mixture of fruit and pepper and with a bit of licorice on top. With a delightful smell and similar taste, this strain is perfect for the patient who prefers something different with a kick. 3 Run Homer is good for chronic pain, stress, insomnia and depression. Also good for PTSD. Flowering period is 8 to 9 weeks.

I will not be dropping another seed if it comes out a male. At least for the time being...