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So of the most recent 4, the Obamacare and the Chromatic get 5g and a 4wk flip to see what I am looking at in the rest of the pack. The Chem91 may get a damn 15g and veg for a while. The Big Bad Wolf is getting a 7g just based on it being Chem91 x ChemD.


a.k.a. Rusty Nails
No more clones. I cupped the last four I had on the heat mat (3 Bees Knees off 2 moms and a Mayday) Only one of the BK had great roots but all had roots started. If they live I'll flower them out but this is just my veg tent now.

Based on the new paradigm I am going to up-pot the Catpiss and flip it. Since I have a tiny Lemon Tree going and it is gonna give me a good taste of the smoke I think this will be fine, and the Cherrywest is the same. I now have a short list of shorties where I need to drop the pack. I can count on n them being in cups for a long while, then 1g's for the same. One pack in the background doing it's thing while I grow regular weed around it. The main thing is they're all regs. I vegged this Catpiss for too damn long for it to end up male - but there it is. I could be 0-2 after 6months.

The only one likely going to compost is the T-star, After a few soakings with assorted goodies and some aloe foliar sprays she hasn't perked up. I have a good bit curind now, and the Dogma in flower which is the same thing from a different breeder. When I get low on one or both then I'll drop several more.


a.k.a. Rusty Nails
Flipped the Catpiss, culled the T-star. The second Irene is flip ready and everything else can wait.

With the Ducks tightened up more vertical I fit the Cotton Candy Cookies :rolleyes: 🤷‍♂️:ROFLMAO: in the tall closet. It's pretty jammed but because of the plants it has good light and airflow. The CCC is a tall stalk with nothing branches on it. It barely hides the Duck behind it.


a.k.a. Rusty Nails
Been busy with the outside garden and whooped by the time I close the tents. Back to siestas and two-a-days (for wake-n-bake that is ;) )
First thing was to get a trich pic on the Cherrywest. She hit 7 weeks today and I could chop her now. I'm waiting since I have a clone in the wings I can try early if I want.
This is a shot down the middle of the 4-top. all the undernugs are getting sugary.
So no harvest for the Cherrywest but the Catpiss is a lady so she needed something new to wear. The soil volume thing being settled afrfter her up-pot had room for one more so I now have 3 Irene Colombian in flower. Two are in here, the newb's up front
One is in here (lower right) and has 4 spears of continuous nugs. 7 week fade on the CW is crazy. She was green 3-4 days ago, she may finish black.
The Ducks don't seem to mind the company - I don't think I could have managed them trying to sort out a bottle-feeding schedule.
They are at 7 weeks as well. and I hope it's good because I'll have plenty if it ever finishes.
Gonna be nerf football size tops.
And then there's veg. 4 seedlings and the remaining clones. The Cherrywest is next to flip. The Lemon Tree and The Cream got pillaged and must now grow limbs. Same will happen with the 707 stuff in the cups.


a.k.a. Rusty Nails
New moon, today I pull seeds to get wet, and the Cherrywest is sitting out of the tent in the dark until I can get around to chopping her later this morning. Not dropping a lot for me. one mini-dome hold 12 half-size beer cups. One dome will be full of 2ea regs I want to try and get a girl from. One won't be full, but I'm dropping another 3-pack of post-power-outage CLHP and the last 5 Dank Sinatra - both with germ issues and anything that pops is a win.


a.k.a. Rusty Nails
Thinned the herd for good and bad tonight. The Cherywest got the harvest, the Mayday had nuts so I yanked her and the two clones I had.

Not really mad, it is/was a ChemD cross and that is known to herm - one reason I stick to the '91. I have a few D crosses in the bank and I bet if I checked back that's an issue. So the ChemD crosses will get the larger volume drop with the expectation of the male cull then the herm cull. I have plenty left...

This is veg, and I updated my signature block with what's there.
The Ducks
And the regular flowers


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Took down the Delerium Dog tonight, nothing else is real close. I have beans ready to drop as soon as the water warms up. The perpetual thing and keeping the right amount of plants in the wings takes getting used to. Last drop I only did the 4 girls. I'm full now, but by the time these beans are ready for one gallons I'll be getting rather empty.

3 CLHP are the only fems, but also the post hurricane packs that I had some germ issues with. The one CLHP now is from the last 3-pack and it struggled at first. 5 Dank Sinatra because that's what is left and the last 5 were duds. So that's 8 beans that I am not really counting on but will grow out whatever pops.

3 Durban Poison are because I am out and I liked it. I was gonna drop two but I noticed that the older pack was F3 and had 3 left. The ones I asked for as freebies are F4.

And these are all 2-fers of stuff I haven't tried yet. All regs, two to get one girl. We'll see LOL
Fruit Jam (Betsy x Kush Cleaner) - FJ was $50/pack and the Betsy is $200. So far I haven't had a bad Kush cleaner cross so that might be the best value - or not. The rest are all whatever's on the pack. WiFi OG x 707 OG Kush, Lime1 x (Jaro F3), Lime Pop x 88G13HP, Wedding Cake x Pina HP, Watermelon Hustle.
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For more info, the Watermelon Hustle is from Jinxproof. It's Electric Watermelon x Ice Cream Dream. More for curiosity than anything else. Watermelon weed??? lemme try it LOL

The Lime1 x Jaro is Freeborn and I had two males first try.

WiFi OG x 707 OG Kush is a freebie, not for sale pack from Dagga.

The Lime Pop x 88G13HP and the Wedding Cake x Pina HP are both freebies from Trevor/SungrownMidz. Having watched him on a few of the panels of discussion when FCP had their all day event recently he's a damn smart dude. His participation in the genetics and HLV discussions as a "stoner" talking to PhD's was, well - I know who I'd listen to.

He drops beans at Dagga under the brand "2-Buck". $50 for 25 beans - a 2-buck-chuck ;) He also has a prison photo of Charles "2-buck Chuck" Barkley on the pack so it's a great all around stoner concept. Last drop was the 88G13HP cut from some famous-ish "farmerjoe’s reproduction of ndnguy’s stock" he crossed with some of his favorites he thought would do well. I got the Bodhi's LemonHP cross and am dropping more of those next month.

Lemon hp x 88g13hp - Dagga Garden

If anyone wants to try the Durban Poison, Peter does read any comments you put with the order. "Shooter's Garden's" has the "Afro-pips" DP that he has now taken to F4, and he keeps Dagga stocked up with the latest as freebies. Ask and you should recieve with an order.


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Oooooh - and I finally got an answer on the Freeborn Feminized Freebie. MMK Afi TB :unsure: 🤷‍♂️

It's the Moon Mountain Kush, but it's the Black Afghani ThrowBack version of the MMK.

After getting that explained I didn't have the heart to ask "Which Headband" LOL


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I only have 2 packs of Mean Gene gear, (Cherrywest and the Lime1xJaro), plus the freebie fems I think I have 3 left of. But before he started dropping stuff at Dagga I had been picking up lots of peoples stuff that had his gear on one side of the mix. And it has all been pretty good


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Soooooo, to start off with this is the Orange Gasm. She went almost 11 weeks and I decided to take a few limbs to test. I ficured around the crowded top would be best so I snipped one and there was this nice brown fuzz growing. I lost the whole top to the outside ferment bucket. This was the stuff well away from the issue.
This got me off my ass. I have been lazy with pruning since I have a use for any larf and I want to see how the plants do naturally. Fuck that. I pruned the hell out of anything that needed it, including taking nugs off plants 6 weeks into flower if it was crowding. How much smoke I need off each plant is minimal. Getting it all to harvest is major. So this is the closet now. Irene the mom has 4 tightly crowded spires but the buds are airy because I left flowers all the way to the bottom (some got removed). But I also have two more Irene in flower. I damn sure don't need the extra smoke so I am pruning the last two harshly. Took down the two lowest limbs on the Ducks and lots of the lower stuff.
The Lemon Tree didn't even make it 7 weeks and is hanging. Beautiful plant that finally hit that look after the solstice made it turn. The second round of pistils started punching through
She had that powdered sugar look up top, and zooming in just looks amazing. It all went opaque at the same time, and only a few are hitting amber. The clone will be vegged out a lot more.
IMG_5660 (2).JPG
Here's what's left, with the almost naked Irene in the middle, the Catpiss on the shelf also got a major pruning.
The talls and the newbs. The Big Bad Wolf is the only tree. Big jurassic leaves, and the stem is crazy. It is maybe pencil diameter at the soil, then it widens to about sharpie thickness 6" up. I gave the stem a pinch to knuckle it up and slow the stretch a bit.
Veg is reduced to the Chemdog tree still debating cloning or a long veg. the Chromatic front right has 6 limbs and will flip when they stretch a bit.
The Lemon Tree clone is taking off after I pruned it, but the two Bees Knees have almost no secondary growth. Might shitcan thjem just on spec.
The early poppers look good. I planted the seeds a little deeper, had no helmet heads so far, but I am also giving them a bit moretime before I excavate.
IMG_5664.JPGIMG_5665 (2).JPG


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Maybe raise the temperature a few degrees, they might be cold lol
I share fails too LOL. I had SHIT germ this drop so I have a dozen more beans going down. Out of 23 beans I got 7.5 plants. The WiFi cross is the only one that germed but stayed deep. I think I found it in time.
The upside is that almost all of what didn't pop were freebies. Sucks they didn't pop but I can't complain. The only ones that I am bent about is the Lime1 x Jaro. 2 attempts now and 0-4 beans on germ. I expected the CLHP and the Dank Sinatra to be duds and I got two.

So the CLHP get another 3-pack drop. The Durban poison get three, and the Lime1 x Jaro get 6.

I am adding a heat mat this batch but I'll put an upside down tray over the heat mat then set the tray on that. It'll warm up but not to the point it evaporates all the water out of the soil and kills everything. I hate heat mats LOL

I think one other issue I may have had was not soaking long enough. I had tails on several but they are probably all on the ones that are standing now. I have everything set up this time so I can pop them in soil individually as they get tails instead of burying the group when some do.


a.k.a. Rusty Nails
I have half a dozen more CLHP 3-packs to drop that were put together after the power was out for several days. That is the only reason I think they have issues. If they were kept cool them warmed up in summer heat with no AC - it is what it is.

I double checked and I still have 5 unopen pre- packs which should have about 13 beans each, but were usually just a full tube and 14-15. If I didn't have the CLHP in flower right now I'd likely be dropping one of those along with the 3-pack to make sure I get one.