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a.k.a. Rusty Nails
Spent a day figuring out where to land my first page and saw this category. I have some fem seeds from a few sources but I am mainly growing testers for @J.James. I also plan to try my first run of seeds in the near future and this site was recommended as a wealth of knowledge in that area. I have 2 small rooms and a mini-tent. The tent stands idle, and I am growing these rooms out before I try playing God with strains.

In this corner, under a HydroGrowLED Penetrator XB200, I have 2 Florida Diesel by J.James and a 3-plant "12/12 from seed" experiment that stemmed from a party-cup competition (ongoing). This is a standard 3x3 closet.
And in this corner, under HLG quantum boards , there are 2 The Crown Jewel (Golden Lion genetics) F2's by J.James, one 4th Gear (batch #24) by County Line Genetics, and one Granddaddy Purple by ILGM. This is a 3x4 nook beside the closet that I closed in for a second room.
And my most recent harvest (10/26) is still in the early curing stage. Royal Mystery by J.James.
This was right before bucking and jarring.
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