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First run of worm castings. I scraped the goodies out of the bottom and there were castings above and below that window screen I have stuck in there. almost a gallon of castings from there, and sifting the bottom tray through an 1/12" screen. The mass of worms I have is stupendous. I have not been feeding enough compared to all the worms I have added I guess, but there were little to no food scraps anywhere. Now I have it set up right with an almost full bottom tray that's mainly castings and bedding, then a top tray I won't mess with as much so the food stays where I initially put it. I put an assortment of stuff on one side of the top bin to see what they prefer.

I stuck a few food items in the castings to try and draw up any babies and get them back in the bin. I saw many of the less than one inch variety nso they are feeding and breeding.


"Happy Wanderer"
From the bottom up. These are just under 65w. In a few days they'll go to one gallons, stay in the mini tent and get another 65w added.

These are the ones not ready to flip and the auto. The three PTK are on the chubby ones on the corners. Since all three are behaving the same I may go with a mainline on them - just keep the best two shoots then top those. The Freakshow are not getting topped. Theres a Royal Kush and an Oilspill runt in here, and the 007up just got topped for 6 limbs. The auto Chem D is upper left.

Thes are ready in a week or so, except the cabbage leaf RK in the middle. The CLHP and Mimms Kush flower clones are in here and flipping with the first batch and/or getting culled. I may do another crazy "zero square footage" pruning on them to make them flat and just stick them in the corners.

because I'm gonna have plenty of flower from the moms.

Here's the light-banger twin towers Mimms. Leaves are taco's and I'm watcjing real close for stress-nanners but so far she's a champ. She's the Mimms I have the clone from.

This is the shorter one, both have exactly the same smell and have had since they started smelling. Just different sizes.

The CLHP fem is the other clone. and she's a chunky-bud girl. Gonna have plenty of her too.


"Happy Wanderer"
I may be holding off on the next drop because I see a traffic jam forming. The veg plants are at 6 weeks today and I usually have stuff sexed by now. Live and learn LOL

I'm going to keep the stuff in smaller containers longer for now unless an individual plant starts needing water daily. Might keep the babies in the cups longer before up-potting.

One thing to un-jam it is that the three baby fems (Chem's and UK Cheese) are probably going in the same large pot. That should be fun...

The auto ChemD can finish outside if needed, I have the fem seeds now. The first one is out there and not doing much but it will have a top bud :ROFLMAO:


"Happy Wanderer"
This is just after feeding and lights out, the droop is not standard, the taco-ing is ;)

These just got flipped at 6 weeks. I don't have a lot of hope for the cabbage leaf Royal Kush in the center so it's flipping as is. Not much in the limb department, so if it's a girl it shouldn't take up much room.

These have mostly another week to go, maybe two on a few. Everything just got a good feeding so it should take off shortly.

Plugged in the second 65w light after I soaked them, and next move could either be a feeding as is or into a 1gal.


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Random stoner stuff. I usually move the stuff out of the solo cups as soon as I see roots at the bottom. I think this might actually be keeping the plants smaller, at least initially.

Here's my theory.
When the roots hit bottom and start circling something signals the top to "start growing, this is as much root space as we get",
When you up-pot them your "transplant shock" is just them shifting modes again from primarily rooting to primarily vegging as far as energy use.
When I have transplanted prior to them circling the bottom I have still seen the "transplant shock" delay - which I think is just like after they have been rootbound. It's just rooting. So after up-potting, then a few days (depending on how much larger you went) for the roots to hit bottom, the tops start growing.

But I think they explode based on root mass. Like, going from a solo cup then letting them fill up a 1 gallon they'll do it quicker, but then the growth-rate is only based on a one gallon root-mass as far as how quick they grow. If you go to a 2 or 3 gallon, it'll take longer to hit bottom (not much) but you'll get more growth once it kicks in.

Could have some effect on node spacing if I'm right.

Anyway - I wrote that stoned as hell yesterday and waited to post it until I could re-read it and see if it made sense šŸ˜
These are getting one gallons today. Everything looks healthy and normal, and the UK Cheese looks like it's jumping into it's own schedule early. Twice the size of the others. The Vin Santo are looking like sextuplets, which is cool, and this 007up is doing better than the last one. actually catching up to the Chems.


"Happy Wanderer"
These loved the feeding. First time starting them off with the more natural stuff. I used a half dose of the FFHF top dressing that I usually use, so actually about a 1/6th dose. They mainly got insect frass and fresh worm castings and they look lush. Everything perked up.
I'm waiting on the PTK to stretch and I'll start pruning lower shoots to try and get some separation in the 4 tops. But wanting them to grow and removing leaves is counter-productive. The three in the middle row I'm just waiting on them to get bigger than the pot they're in LOL


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I just saw the SupaFreak (Humbolt Seed Co.) available and didn't snag them - and now they are gone. I still have three Freakshow beans but that is next on my list for fun/wierd plants to keep in the garden. It's a Freakshow F6 pheno hunt then backcross or Bx6 if I get the nomenclature right, but it's basically another Freakshow.

Also want to grow one of those ducks-foot plants like the Frisian Duck

Someone should cross weed with a cucumber or grape so it get's those tendrils to support itself :)


"Happy Wanderer"
The juggling begins. I ditched the shelf and moved the runt Northern Lights to the other tent since it's flipped now. This is my elite cut tent. They have priority then whatever else can fit as stuff cycles out. It will probably end up having a shelf just for sexing smaller stuff.

NL, and the CLHP and Mimms Kush clones are in here on the right. I bumped up the small Royal Kush to flower just because I needed the room. I have stuff already showing sex 2 days into flip so I'm not worried about them being immature. The stuff still in veg I just want more of or a better structure.

I needed room because you can only fit 10 one gallon nursery pots in the mini tent. I'm keeping this in mind for future drops, because the lighting in the mini tent rocks, just not much height. The PTK are finally getting a ittle stretch on.
I put the biggest and smallest seedling repots in here because - fuck it :cool:. The 007up is a few days younger.

Moving those two also satisfied the OCD part of me. The repots got 1/4 cup of fresh worm castings as their first shot of nutrients, and maybe some baby worms to hatch. These will be the first to get treated as living soil from the beginning, and most will go into that build-a-soil blend after sexing. I am going back in after burning one and doing this to add some cover crop seeds, and some rice hulls to everything that I didn't hit yet.


"Happy Wanderer"
The re-potted ones will get a mixed cover crop, but the just flipped will get a cover crop if they are girls, there are a few that are already tentatively male, just waiting on the definite "no pistil" thing with the sexy parts.

This is what I meant with the Wile. E. Coyote reference and the rice hulls. Picture a 50lb bale machine compressed, then band-sawed in half. I needed to find a good tub to set this in and just pick out bits as needed.


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The other thing on the rice hulls is that bale cost $40. I put everything I vacuumed off the last batch out in the compost pile along wigh most of the adult gnats. I am planning for this to be a 'disposable' or expendable product in the grow a little goes a long way. Replacing it every feeding growing my old way would not be cost prohibitive.

But with the cover crops it changes the ball game. I probably won't have to re-apply things I would have in the past. With the worms I'll likely be adding more.


"Happy Wanderer"
I gave each of these some individual attention. The three PTK got majorly snipped. All are showing offset nodes so they'll flip as I cull stuff in the other tent. I think the stretch will get them where they need to be. Everything else got a cover crop "12-seed blend". The PTK and those I just flipped are close enough to either up-pot or culling that it isn't worth it. Stuff would just be sprouting as I crush it during a re-pot, or bury it to sink a stretchy trunk deeper. or toss it in the recycle bin. Old retired dudes can take naps then get up when the lights come on if there's stuff to do but the other seedlings can wait until morning. That's just assembly-line crap that goes well with coffee.