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This is my a passionfruit i found on my property and transplanted in the hopes of getting it to climb these poles and run along strings for an organic far so good.
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It wont survive one of our hard frosts i bet, but imma try anyway to see how far it can get.
That flower is nuts! Can't say I have ever seen a passion fruit plant. I wonder how in the hell it got on your property very cool.


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I have no idea. My buddy works there on his days off for extra cash. They have a cnc, and other stuff. It was my first time there and was so busy playing with the box I didn't pay attention lol.
fron what i can see everything looked to be cnc ,all i ever ran you had ,to check for size .A hot rodder with a ring file will bitch like hell, over 1/4 thou taper in a 6 inch cyl. bore.Who here ever ran a 59 model stone mill to mill heads flat?


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Good eye there @MisterKister ,i ran and set up a CNC mill for 15 years in a machine shop.. Badass machines, I ran the Haas Vf2,Vf3,& a Vf6...
I liked the mills better than the CNC lathes imo.. Deadly accurate machines..
Was u a machinist ?
hell i spent a lot of time just doing repairs lathes ,crank grinders ,bearings in gear boxes. a lot better lite than the old shop i worked in, to say nothing about new machines,i would be lost .

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I was a certified tool and die maker specialized in cnc controlled wire edms. I fucking hated programming those bastards.
That makes sense of u being a tool n die maker, and also seeing how meticulous, and detailed grow room setup u got...
I couldn't program but could do pretty much everything else..
If u was certified, I definitely respect ya for that... Sum highly detailed shit..