Latest seed purchase - Show and Tell


"Happy Wanderer"
Big sale at SHN. Lots of 5-packs for $30 or less and some other stuff 30% off. I picked up an assortment of breeders I wanted to grow and some strains in the crosses I've wanted to try. These were the regs I got.

Double Alien La Plata Labs Lemon Alien x Alien Bubba
Sour Hebrew National Best Coast Kosherdog x Sour Chem
Prana Irie Genetics Flo x Arise
Tardis Homegrown Natural Wonders Oregon Diesel X TimeWreck

And I got a pack of CDB Sage from TH Seeds that is a 10%-10% ratio of THC and CBD. I wanted to try the Sage, and I wanted a full-spectrum CBD strain.


"Happy Wanderer"
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I’m hoping to get these finished by Christmas, or New Year’s at the latest. I’d like to find a keeper in all of them, I know the odds are against it but you never know.
I have two of the Royal Kush X going now. I expected homogenous but I got a plain Jane and a wierd cabbage leaf version. I'm not basing anything on looks because I bought these for the legendary high. Good thing is that if niether of these are "the one" I know that there's variety in the rest of the pack. Oh, and the fact that I got 15 for the price of 12 helped 🤪 Smoke report by Thanksgiving.