Heisenbeans Vs Greenpoint growoff.


Insane Grower
Today was a busy day. Started early chopping a few cookies and chem. Taking apart the 1/2 filled 4x4. I originally run the 2 2x4 tables sideways instead of front to back. I have flower times staggered and it’s a bitch harvesting the back.
The CNC nice stuff but I can do better. Roots look like shit. I’d looks and smells great.

Rookie move having plants ready to flower but no room in the tent. My bad should have flipped a few weeks ago and I’m worried the stretch will be too much but nature is taking its course. Scissors may be the only save I have no net.
Thankful the led are cool. Before move.


After the harvest tear down and turn 1/4 turn. Sounds easy. Not LOL.
After a little hack and move.
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