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49 seeds for 140 USD (It is even cheap Canadian) for 6 strains. Pretty damned great in my book.
And Scwhaggys Chem VA and HydroReds Citrus Milf are bathing now. I will find room later damint i gots to know.
Thanks for making this garden run possible. All of you!


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I got a shirt amd stickers in a package. No other anything. Zero seeds, The bastards stole my genetics.

I am so low i could lick a worm.

I have a tracking number perhaps i can agitate the postal service here because some greedy bastard stole my beans...

WTF do I do...

Thank you HydroRed for the purple primate present on my bday. At least I got that.
As I was reading this, I knew exactly where they were haha. Glad you found em.