1. iShatterBladderz

    Personal All-Time Favorites?

    Was just curious as to what everyone’s favorite strains are, i’m set on seeds for my next few grows but by the time I finish through what I’ve bought now, I should have everything I need to start breeding strains I like and to keep somewhat of a Seedbank for use between myself and my other...
  2. Hydro

    JBC Seeds (James Bean Company)

    Only got 1 order in with them so far, but quick shipping & nice selection of quality breeders. I recieved a pack of Useful's Banana Kush S1's in breeder pack with freebies. I'd do it again. Whats your experience with JBC?
  3. Hydro

    Great Lakes Genetics (GLG)

    Had to start a thread for one of my all time favorite seed banks. These guys really are a class act and have fast, discreet shipping as well as a great selection from top breeders. Their freebie & swag game is unrivaled. Those who may already know me, know I've grown a couple stains and one of...