The Not So Infamous Grow Journal: Eso Strains ONLY in DWC & Soil


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Can’t say enough good about DBB and Welchie in my tent! BGDD is chubby but small she just didn’t have stretch. And Twinkle is definitely next on my list!
That bgdd must be a black dog leaner. The bd mom I used on that one was very squat. Great smoke but a bugger to root clones and you had to veg for a while to get a decent size plant. The smoke was great though, very tasty.


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That bgdd must be a black dog leaner. The bd mom I used on that one was very squat. Great smoke but a bugger to root clones and you had to veg for a while to get a decent size plant. The smoke was great though, very tasty.
Don’t get me wrong, she is just gorgeous just a smaller version of DBB and Welchie kind of hahaha! Maybe she will get that Raspberry smell though :D
Small and quick review of the order process....

I was able to navigate the site very easily. I liked the very clear pictures of each individual plant. Descriptions of each strain is also a plus. I did have a couple questions that were answered in a timely fashion as well as polite. Prices of each strain are very reasonable and honestly...alot cheaper then you would expect to pay for genetics that are known to grow some fire. Shipping was very fast and discrete as well. Everything was packaged and labeled properly. I also had zero problems with payment which also made the experience even that much better. Overall, I have not a single complaint. However....I will note that I also did receive a lot more then I had actually expected.

With all that being said, @thenotsoesoteric , I just wanted to give you a quick thank you for a very pleasant and extremely easy ordering process as well as all the extras you gave me as well. I give you my word...I will do them justice!!! Thanks again....

Time to get everything ready!!!!!:love:

List & Info Of Strains Directly From The Site

Albino Boogieman- (hazeman’s grape bubba x lvtk)
Probably the hardest hitting indica dom cross I have to offer atm. This strain is perfect for hash or concentrates, a lot of resin glands. Some phenos will stay nice and a few will get a little stretchy.

Bazooka Blast (bodega bubblegum “purple pheno” x lvtk)
The purple bodega bubblegum started life as the runt but managed to outshine her sisters. This plant is gorgeous in late flower, packs on weigh but has some airiness to the buds so mold shouldn’t be an issue, stays short and stock and has a great bouquet and flavor to match.
The smell is almost like a fruit loops or trix cereal type smell with sandalwood but flavor is bubblegum-ish sandalwood flavor that is more savory vs sweet, I think?! anyway lol. Unique enough to be hard to describe.

DynoBerry Bites - (black d.o.g. x grape sato reversed)
This cross has been exactly what I hoped it would be, great. DBB throws out great berry terps from blueberry to full on blackberry with grapes mixed in there too. The dynobites have won 2 different POTM contest and I’m sure has the potential to win a couple more! A medium to tall plant that loves being topped. Produces sweet mixed berry and grape flavors and aromas. Produces a hybrid effect without couch lock. Typical flower times are 56-63 days

Stank Bubble- ( Bodega bubblegum #1 “green pheno” x lvtk )
The green pheno of BBG was a chem leaner with a spicy funk smell, very chem familiar. She had a very slight bb gum smell but not so much in flavor. This pheno paired with the lvtk will give some incredibly stinky gassy pheno, the nastiest I’ve got to offer!

*Tropical Dunder* - (orangeberry smoothie #3 x lvtk) I only had 1 tester of this strain running and I culled in week 5 of flower because I let it dry out too much and killed the roots. The plant never shown any intersex issues and wanted to try to finish even though it suffered bad stress. I originally pollinated the mother plant of this cross just to test the lvtk pollen. With that said I still expect some very nice phenos of tropical fruit flavors that pack lvtk’s punch. Definitely will have some gnarly terps in these beans. * = refer to the bottom of this post.

Twinkle Tarts-
Twinkle tarts = (black d.o.g. x lvtk reversed)
The pheno pictured is one of the tastiest cultivars I’ve ever had. Straight up blackberry sherbet, so tasty of a vape. A true bag appeal with flavor and potency. Not face punch potency but enough that a few hits have you even keeled.

Welchie - Welchie = (lvtk x grape sato reversed)
Welchie is a medium to tall plant. Hydrid effects on most phenos with some having more of a sativa influence from the blue dream lineage in grape sato. Thanks to the lvtk genes the welchie can throw out some potent phenos that make killer hash. Flavors range from berry, sandalwood to unknown yet familiar funk.

* Probably my favorite of the bunch. Only because it's a little more unknown then the other strains.