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As far as that specific video- no, unless it was on FCP yesterday when they had a whole hoard of PhD's discussing all aspects of the thing.
I suggest you take a look at it. You can always stop watching. lol
Just trying to get info out, like you.


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Seedlings are nice and all, but they won't stay small forever. Let's get them some room 🙃
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Making progress
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Broke my shovel
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field repair 😝
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Holes blurred by body steam lol View attachment 128748

I had brought the trays with me to plant right after digging but the rain never came.. not taking any chances
Planting next week...
i don't want to sound like a ahole ,now yhat you have used the shovel, take a file to the tip and at least 3 inches up the side ,it will make a BIG difference in the work you don't have to do,
Don't even worry, this is solid advice man. I often do it but this is my 3rd shovel of the season, it still had the sticker when I started that day. But didn't have a grinder in my truck 😁


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Salute @NoWaistedSpace, what can you tell me about Trinity Skunk? I have a Katsu Bluebird Slam Dunk Skunk(L) which is Trinity Skunk X Gary Payton on day 11 of flower just starting to open up. Quick follow up question do you think it has any chance of being the real deal Holyfield Skunk?🦨

Cheers, Z
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Buddy, I couldn't tell you. I don't know what all the breeders are selling today.
I stayed isolated from the outside growing world till around 2018.
I've only worked with Skunk genetics I bought in 2001.
All you can do is grow stuff out and see if it carries any of the "ester" traits.
Something I did find out,
some of the Hazes carried the Ammonia esters that makes up part of the pungent aromas in Skunks.
Most likely you won't find enough ratios in the newer genetics. It is almost lost in today's breeding world.
But it's still out there in small pockets.