Joebud Genetics


Day 39 for me. This room is quite the mess but we'll make the best of it. Left side is predominantly that hermi seed i got from a bud of my forum competition Double Cookies.


The right side is predominantly Joebud Genetics. RF is the only ChillBomb. Going counterclockwise from there is a ChillHaze. The RR corner is my SuperChill clone. Center rear is a different ChillHaze


Here's a close up of the right side.


ChillHaze in the center, SuperChill clone in the back.

Close up of the back of the room. A ChillHaze is hiding down low. The primary buds seen are from the hermi double cookies. So the oddball buds are a ChillHaze.


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seems they throw a big main tap root quick!
might be a mistake but i've gone from dixi cups to cloth fives, culled 6 males out of the bunch ,so far, higher have 1 black cherry soda xFC male the bride awaites , joe bud ,1 A Bomb male set back for the girls, also ,i want every thing else to be seedless!any morphdites will die quick i do not want crosses amoung breeders ,not of that sort at least ,when it comes to a she /he.