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Super Chill is cross of a Chill-OM Male and a Super Skunk female. Chill-OM was from Mandala Seeds. Super Skunk was from Spliff Seeds.

Super Chill Lineage / Genealogy

Super Chill »»» Super Skunk x Chill-OM
Super Skunk
»»» {Afghani #1 x Skunk no.1} x Afghani #1
Afghani #1 x Skunk no.1
Afghani #1
»»» Afghanistan x Afghanistan
Afghanistan »»» Indica
Afghanistan »»» Indica
Skunk no.1
Skunk #1
Skunk #1
Skunk #1
»»» Afghanistan x Mexico x Colombia
Afghanistan »»» Indica
Mexico »»» Sativa
Colombia »»» Sativa
Afghani #1 (specified above)
»»» Colombia x South East Asia
Colombia »»» Indica/Sativa Hybrid
South East Asia »»» Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Yes it has been very handy and it was cheap. I need more.
I was looking at the black plastic ones they have at Walmart. They aren't the cheap ones and are pretty thick but I am not sure if they would hold weight as well so just going with the metal ones. I am in the process of finishing up my new grow areas and think maybe even the ones on wheels if I needed to roll them. Like you said, very handy, cheap and totally need more lol.