Bonsai Mothers and Root Pruning


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I still want one of those three chamber tents. I was looking at the sun blaster led’s for the mother and clone areas and some cheapo led for the veg area.
My tent is going to be up,for sale soon 4x4+16"x4veg area. You in Alberta?


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I did something like this for now. It was an easy diy which took an hour tops. Is it perfect? No. But look at that incredible light distribution. This is a 14w rig. I just took down the poles of the tent, tied them to the side poles, secured them with rope hanger things, tied the clip on attachments of the fixture to the poles and just popped them in.

Now these can be daisy chained but that adds another 2-3 cms and i really cant spare that in this tent. They barely fit like this. So i used a wago to connect them seperately over one main cable to 220v. May add 1 or 2 more and may do a different design along the way but for now, this should work.

Since i went from 30w to 14w i’m gonna do 24hrs on. Also 14w of mid quality leds out perform 30w of shit quality leds. At least visually. And they don’t get hot at all. Only a little toasty. I even added the pc fan i used to cool the old fixture to this new fixture. This time tho, it cools the plants.



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Like imediately after finishing i thought this may work better. So i took down the metal bits and just positioned the bars gently on the 2 ceiling poles that i tied to the the side poles. Gives me more freedom to move the bars as i see fit. Thats much better than having them almost stationary. And that little fan is adjustable also.

Hey for a 2x2 this looks cool. My first 2x2 sucked. I’ve come a long way since then. Hahha. I can add 8 more and got that tent up to 70 watts and flower in there. I can also take out the diffusers to get even more light. So this is very flexible in design.

The updated fixture and how i did it is down below. Its really cool to do shit without any drilling or paying money for poles etc etc. I think this will work well for this 2x2 but we’ll see.



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Added 2 more so i can switch back to 4/4. Leds should last much longer like that.

Loving the quality. These are cheap philips leds but the light they emit is top notch. I’m gettin 5K lux readings over the whole canopy, very equal distribution at about 25cms from the tops. 5K lux should be enough for bonsai mothers.



What kind of lights are those??? Im running a 4 bulb t8 and a double driven 2 bulb t8 in my veg area not very ideal, in a fan of good spread and your setup looks perfect for what im wanting to do in my bonsai mother area