Bonsai Mothers and Root Pruning


Hi everybody.

In this thread i want to share what i have been doing and what has worked well for me.

First of all, some of you might have heard about bonsai mothers and some probably haven’t yet. For those who haven’t, bonsai technique is a japanese art of keeping plants in tiny containers and making them grow as miniature versions of themselves by restricting their roots and shaping their growth. For bonsai mothers, i replicate a similar technique.

Secondly, for those who have heard of this technique, i’m gonna say mine is the easiest. I know that this technique involves multiple transplantations. Mine doesn’t. I think its just a way of complicating things when you have to transplant numerous times. I never done it and can’t complain.

Now, what are the benefits?

I see lots of posts around about how to keep a mother. Some indoor growers don’t have a lot of space which they can dedicate to full grown mothers. Or they can only keep one and they have to smoke the same cultivar. Which gets a bit boring after a while. Thus people refrain from keeping mothers and just buy new seeds for every grow.

Now there is nothing with that. You can definitely buy new seeds for every grow but sometimes, you find the dankest dank! You know something rare. You will want smoke that stuff again and again. Thats why its always good to get clones and keep mothers so you can regrow that fire whenever you like.

Another reason for keeping mothers is that every plant is different. Every plant likes different amount of different things, different watering, different fertilization, different light intensity.. so to get the best out of your plant, you may need to grow it again. Maybe again.. and again. And with every grow, you’ll see that you are doing better and plant is doing better and better.

You will get accustomed to its likings and its gonna get accustomed to its environment and to you. So even if you don’t have any space to keep mothers, or if you think that mothers are just big wastes of energy and space which you have to take care of constantly, bonsai mothers are just the opposite.

How to implement?

As i stated above, my technique is much simpler than the ones i’ve seen around. Its just as simple as getting a rooted clone and sticking it into a 0.3l pot. Which is tiny tiny.

View attachment 7596View attachment 7597

Now as you can see. This is a tiny pot. This plant has been in this pot for the last 5 months. I haven’t pruned the roots since the original transplant. As you can see, there are some symptoms on the leaves which indicates deficiencies and general unhappiness. Now what i do is i’m gonna take half of the root mass off. 4 sides and the bottom.

View attachment 7601View attachment 7599View attachment 7602View attachment 7600

This is what i ended up with. Now this plant will go back to its pot with a little bit of fresh soil. In a week its gonna be super healthy again and will be very happy.

View attachment 7603

Here with the new soil. Will do an after pic in a week.

The space requirement.

This technique requires only minimal space and it can be set up in the most oddly shaped spaces. For example here is mine. 60x60x60 tent. A literal tent. Who thought this design would work for any plant is beyond me. Thats 2x2x2’. A very small space. I got 21 bonsai mothers and couple of other things as well. Now i’m pretty sure i can fill 40 in there if i take all the other stuff out. So thats pretty good. 40 mothers in a 2x2. Or 20 in 1x2 etc. etc.

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So even if you are a small scale hobby grower you can keep these miniature mothers. When it comes to flowering they will not disappoint and you can get many clones to replace the now flowering mother. Keep the same strain for years without losing any space.

Finally, this is just what i’ve been doing and getting good results with. You can also post what you have been doing in the department of keeping bonsai mothers. I hope you all enjoy it and benefit from it in some way..

Wish you all bountiful harvests!
We use the same pots for our moms.



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I pruned the roots of these bonsai today. Since the other gal went into a bigger pot there is not much to see at this point. Tho it is perfectly healthy and sexy, its not a bonsai mother anymore. So i’ll post updates of these. I only use straight water for my mothers. Thats why in a couple of months they get yellow leaves and all but using liquid ferts for these seems kinda wasteful to me. Especially when a bit of ewc and fresh soil can get the job done.