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Wow, this has got derailed. So, I'll just add to it. 93' I was stationed in Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico... my first deployment. My hob as a newbie was to drive a bus for my squadron. I would run from to barracks, to the hangar with stops at the base Exchange and Commisary. Side trips were to the bars! Well I'd pick my buddies up and go "rodeoing" which is sitting on top of the bus seats on the far back and I would drive as fast as a school bus could on these dirt roads on base. Hit a pothole and see who would hit the ceiling. Stupid shit. But, it was fun when you're 19. Picking up a bus load of drunk Brits is a whole other story!
Some of the best stories I’ve got are with units from other countries. People think the military isn’t fun 😂


My folks and their close friends are about 10 years apart and they are approaching 94 now. Took amazing care of themselves sold NeoLife vitamins back in the day so I have learned from them on top of staying current. They fasted all the time and no drinking. Body types never changed

There are certain things that can't overcome entropy mainly joints and bones. Regardless he played tennis through 5 hip replacements and still is active playing table tennis now.

Another close friend of mine whose wife's dad is a retired Dr was paralyzed on one side of his body almost 50 years always walked with a cane. He recently started taking Alpha Lipoic Acid and regained motion on his paralyzed side. ALA is a super anti oxidant and helps metabolize fatty liver (THC gets stored in there) and stabilize insulin levels.

The following are what I go through in about 7 months. I don't believe in taking vitamins everyday but focusing on a balanced diet and supplements for covering gaps in uptake/load/energy in food when I can't prepare meals consistently. Analogous to calmag deficiency in coco and lock out. Other things such as special diets and or diabetes make it harder to get these foods in rotation.

Vitamins definitely fall into some are better than others and strength isn't always king. I find liquid vitamins are easier to process and some multivitamins can make things a lot easier.

Plain Psyllium husk key for me as I have diverticulitis and this helps prevent pallups. This works better than probiotics for me but nonetheless they have their place. Detox with charcoal good for people on prescriptions but need to be careful cause it can reduce their effects and cause issues with depression meds. Other notables are bromelian (pineapple) and papaya enzymes for digestion of meats and carbohydrates

Choline and Inositol helps memory and slowing graying.
Gingko biloba helps with memory and preventing altitude sickness.

Blood circulation/pressure energy boost: Arginine, (L-Carnitine/COQ10) work synergistically, Hawthorne berry, grapeseed sunflower lecithin not derived from soy

B's Fatigue to fantastic is my go to multi vitamin powder. Its something that need to be separated into two and one part sealed and maybe frozen otherwise turns into a brick. Back up is wellness formula

Great minerals Magnesium is very important for bone growth recovery and K as well helping sleep

DMSO: Always think of the Dead Kennedys...but this is the most absorbent thing on the planet and reduces inflammation including bruising a little goes a long way. I've had really good results with it and it also breaks up cholesterol but be extremely careful ingesting it and prefer to work it in over arteries in the neck or over your chest.
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