Stoner thoughts and toasted talk


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I was just thinking about how if you sleep 8 hours a night it supposed to be a good thing. But in reality that's really 4 months of the year wasted.
Lol. The things we miss out on. FOMO! But sleep is necessary, just ask your girls, lots of important stuff happens while we sleep. Or look at tweakers, they don't sleep a wink, see what happens:


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Ole bud Motarebel aka Green rebel farms. goin thru a rough patch, sounds like divorce, unexpected maybe, but he's hurtin for funds. If you thought about some of his strains, this would be the time to get them. All regs., but here's the list I got. Do hear good things of the swamp gas. I think he's offerin deals to liquidate quick aka needs funds, just sayin. Been in game long time, helped lots o folks out. Me included.


Good stories and thoughts people.

Had a crazy friend when I was younger, he always made us laugh.

Some examples you say.

"It would be cool to have your eye brows removed and get them tatooed on"

This was before tatooing of eye brows on women was popular.

Another good one was while on a shopping trip in Germany he noticed and said,

"Wow the City of Ausfahrt must be very large hence now we have passed 7 places where you can get off the express way and go to that city"

Ausfahrt simply mean an exit on the motorway/express way in German tongue, and not an actual town.

Last one.

He once tried to convince me, while being very high and drunk, that if you damaged your elbow, your knee cap could be transplanted on to your arm and it would work again:cool:


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So I made some Haymakers punch last night put it in my sun tea jar with the lil flip spout. Get up this morning hanging with the wee one watching sesame street wife is leaving for work. She says all she can smell in the kitchen is my drink I think nothing of it walk her to her car kiss goodbye and take the trash to the curb. Thats when it hit me run back inside swing open the fridge like a mad man whole gallon dumped out filling the bottom trays pouring out the door. I spent all day cleaning the floor and fridge I love my wife with all my heart but that woman has no perception she flipped the spout up while putting away breakfast didnt even notice