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We have that now too. Thanks for the headsup. I am going to go get some of those on the weekend and see if i can schmooze em.
Last time i bought one they were like 2 or 3 us dollars.Not that you would care about the pickle smell inside the bucket. But tried everything to get rid of the smell no go. I even tried a heavy mix of bleach soaking for 24 hrs are better.

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Is there anything special about the firehouse buckets vs a blue BLowes bucket ($3.50)?
I have noticed that not all the lids are interchangeable even though you might not need it for this setup.
That Blowes has been your home away from home lately. LOL. I got them the same reason as @gwheels wanted to look at a different color for a change. Just did not care for the pickle smell. Plus you get a pretty good sub for lunch out of the deal.


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Wow. love that setup! That took some engineering and thought but looks like it would work fantastic!
Thanks for the link too, I'll check and see if It's better prices than what I've been paying.

Well worth the money to replace the carbon, rather than buy a new filter for me.

I've built a couple can style, (my first filters), and a small inline (similar but simpler), such as you are using for my drying box.

Had friends gift me their used Can brand filters, but they quickly learned that replacing the carbon was the way to go after seeing their used ones running clean and like new, with no smell outside the room.
(2- Can 50's, a Profilter same as the 50, and 1-Can 100)

The 50's were about $250 each shipped, I re-filled each for $60-$80 bucks :p(y)

Great info and detailed diagrams. Always impressive Jesselikes2grow!


Hepa=high efficiency particulate air filter. Particulate is the only thing it removes. Dust pollen bacteria spores etc.
Smells are not particulates well most of them are not think vapour. So you need carbon to adsorb the vapours they would pass right through a hepa.

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