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Decided to harvest hibernate #7 today. #5 will come down tomorrow. I wanted to let them go longer but my vegging plants have other ideas. They are growing past the lights and hitting the roof of the cart they are on lol.

Shitty pic but i wanted to show you guys how bad it was leaning. I had to put an old pot I haven't pulled the rootball out of yet right next to it so it wouldn't tip after I untied and pulled the bamboo out while I was cutting it down. IMG_20190401_105828147_HDR.jpg

Also wanted to share a thrift store find you guys might find useful. I got a couple of these for cheap, I think they are for skirts, but they work great for hanging smaller branches, or branches without secondary shoots. Much easier than fucking with clothespins. Don't worry they are not touching the floor, it's the angle lol.