cultivating my sanity


I let a GMO cake go 70 days recently. It leaned cake so in the bag you can not tell its gmo cake. I had trouble finding it in my bud bucket, so i just tried harder and...there it is. When you bust a bud up a faint savory garlic and onion and cake thing is happening.

The smoke is really tasty...smoothy and unusual...but dont make plans to function for a while.

Taking that a bit further it is stupid strong. My lips and tip of my tonge went fuzzy like novacaine...for me thats when you in the high 20s of thc. Fantastic...DEVESTATING and deceptive.

It is worth growing for sure. I have one growing outdoors and i think i have to take a cut now.

I also tried to watch a movie twice and forgot what it was after 10 minutes staring off into space.

Smaller doobs for this one...

And label the damned zip locks G...