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i have sent rooted clones cross-country successfully. wrapped the rooted plugs in wet paper towels then in saran wrap and into a water bottle. i tape the plug to the bottle so even if it's upside down it won't get damaged. then into a box and shipped as fast as you can get it there. they show up in good health. just don't ship during cold weather months and do it monday or tuesday.

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Hi Guys, I'm from Rimouski Quebec.

I have chucked a female OGKZ (H.S.O) with a Cherry Cool Aid Male. Just a few nugs with both phenos I have on the OGKZ. Hopefully all goes well with the seeds so I can share some testers with some fellow Canuks :)

Also made a few clones of both OGKZ phenos 2 weeks into flowering. Gonna try to Monster Crop the hell of of them. 8 days in, I have 10 out of 13 clones that have already heavily rooted.