Shoreline Genetics


Anybody on this thread that's done business with me, please post your experience. Anyone that's ever received free stuff, now would be a good time to vouch for me.
dude is is a stand up guy I've done buissness with him and he always has gave me freebies and killer deals, and super professional and replies back to you fast and simple as it should be


How's the consistency on the Shoreline Bx1 versus the Shoreline Bx2? I wanna pick some up, but the cost of the Bx2 is double the bx, and I'm wondering... is getting 20 bx1's more economical than 10 bx2's? I also saw something on rollitup about a Bx3? Is that still in testing?

Highland Rogue

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Bought 5 packs from Shoreline for a bargain price. a couple months back. His service and follow up was excellent. Very impressed.

Haven't popped any yet, but plan to right after the seedling area is cleared of this years outdoor hopefuls.