Rollitup users threatening to snitch


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no shit man

I'm never posting there again. I feel shame that I even use it as a resource.

It says something that the head honchos are even bothering to troll me. That place is way gayer than ICmag could even dream of being.
Lol, yeah if I can't find something here at Paradise and I have to use Google, I will skip past any riu threads... I would fucking go back and read threads at the farm before I will give riu any clicks😁😂


For me, it was 2 main things for leaving the Idiot's Corner.

The sick plant section turned into shouting matches, no one got their plant cured.
The folks with green plants got yelled down and gave up, exasperated.

Then I got yelled at for polluting the San Fernando Valley with pollen, its bad, it's everywhere!
I'm on other side of Mississippi River, but it didn't matter. He read about it in Style section, LA Times. And he got 5 likes...

I said, "Now they hate everything here...plants, politics, and pollen"


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I got hit by a msd box and 55000v coil, felt it Everytime it fired a plug lol straightened me right the fuck up and whacked my head on the hood latch😂😂😂 couldn't feel my arm for hours, everyone that saw it laughed hysterically, fuckers
And I promise never to use a 400 mh bulb in a hps ballast LMFAO
I promise to never use the excuse sorry , wrong hole ever again too. It rarely works anyway .
A list of the rats is a good place to start , There is a post I made to list rats in the Private area. List em, Nothing worse than finding out half way thru a conversation the person on the other end is part of UncleBucks Antifa Narc circle.

Ya if they think your making a buck or somehow support the country these lunes come unhinged. Reality escapes them and want to burn it all down.

They are severally disturbed but they were taught to be this way throughout their whole life. Home, school, college etc.

I got the same treatment in the political forum the 2x i posted their. Death threats, call the law threats etc. All that happened was the admin told me to not post. If i dont want to suffer the consequences then i shouldnt support the President.

I got another peivate message from a mod threatening to kick me off the site. They are tyrants over their full blown communists.