#Heisenbeans Genetics

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Dont Need One
Edited To make everyone happy
Heisenbeans crosses below, Can be purchased at greenpoint Seeds or heisenbeans.com
Report all issues and complaints here. Also opinions are welcome. I love opinions.

Bridezilla - Gorilla Glue#4 X Wedding Cake
Space Gorilla - Alien OG X Gorilla Gle #4
DubStep - Stardawg Corey X Adub
GMOozy - GMO - Adub
Gucciberry - Purple punch x wedding cake
Seven hells cake - black banana cookies X wedding cake
Pigeon Pie - Wedding Pie X Banana Cookies
Punch Buggy - Sundae Driver X Purple Punch
Black Zafiro - GMO X Black Banana Cookies
W.W. -Wedding Cake X Wedding Pie
Skeleton Cookies - Ghost OG X Black Banana Cookies
Dub Tape - Gorilla Glue 4 X Adub
D.O. Dubble G. - Adub X Black Banana Cookies
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