Before you post those pictures....


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Pictures on your phone or tablet could possibly be containing info about your location, GPS, etc depending on your settings.
You always want to remove any data that may be attached to your pictures before posting them on ANY site. Though this site is as safe as they come, the pictures you post may not be and may contain info that you likely wouldnt want to share.

-If you post from a cell phone or a tablet, be sure to turn off location/gps etc in the options on your picture taking app.
-If you are unsure about your pics containing data, you can manage your app settings for that app OR transfer the pics from your phone to a desktop computer/laptop and then scrub them of all data.

To do this from your desktop/laptop, simply load the pics from your phone or tablet onto your PC.
Once they are on your PC, you can Right Click the picture(s) and go to "Properties".
Untitled 1.png
From there you will see a tab called "Details" this tab.
There will then be a link at the bottom of the box that says "Remove Properties and Personal Information".
Click this, and now another box will appear and it will have the option to "create a copy with all possible properties removed".
Untitled 2.png
Select this option and click "OK".
You have just made a copy with ALL info removed from the picture.
It is now safe to post without worry of someone mining data from your pics.


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Damn yea I didn’t actually KNOW that but I always knew in my bones there was a way they could fuck me from my pictures lol so I never took any till I became legal. Even now, I should figure out how to wipe that shit from my phone. Thanks red sending me on a mission lol


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For the iPhone/iPad:

you can disable geotagging in your iPhone/iPad settings

  • Launch Settings from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap Privacy. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to find it.
  • Tap Location Services.
  • Tap Camera
    Then tap NEVER


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Every photo taken on modern devices has potentially identifiable information embedded within in a format known as EXIF.

You can see what EXIF information is contained in a photo directly from your phone using google photos, select the photo and tap the "i".

If you want to remove it while on your phone you need a 3rd party EXIF scrubber.

I'm not sure about how to do it on linux off the top of my head.

Most platforms scrub the EXIF for you, but if you aren't sure about it then just go ahead for your peace of mind and scrub out that metadata.


Linux has a default program i believe to see exif...the command is viewexif or something like that. Little rusty on my commands but if you do some digging it shouldnt be hard to find
thx for letting those who didn't know how to be a bit safer how to get down. i used to always scrub on the laptop.

yet, now i usually scrub on the phone via an app. i can upload right to whatever site i want then. i like the option if i'm not near the laptop or phone. i can't scrub multiple pics at the same time but free is free and it works.

stuff like this used to be standard in the security threads on most sites a decade ago.
now i see so many not care or think about it at all like they are safe from the feds.
don't get me wrong they don't go after small fry but when weird shit happens that is unexpected it's best to be safe then sorry especially when it's free. free security adds up if u know what your doing. thx Op for the post.