Want to be safe

I’m at the point I need to run the 600 digi hps. Pre dimmer but 2nd generation lumatek. Not much use on it actually. Been resting for 11 yrs.

I contacted hydro farm but thought to ask here because Might folks here that ran lumatek back in the day.

So, was wondering about the white cords function. I’m thinking it wasn’t attached to anything but not sure 🤔.
Thx for any help. Need this to up my meager yield for some personal meds.


i haven't saw the email from hydrofarm but don't matter cause i figured out the simple way. i just ordered a vertical lamp cord set up with the lock and seal cord. i asked hydrofarm if they had something like that btw.
i saw today $53 and change, 29$ and the one i bought for $25 and change. along with 3 foot stakes = 2- pack and a cheapo thermometer. almost $60 including shipping by ground. if i figure out the proper way to rig that socket again i'll hang it until the new vert ready socket kit arrives.

based on the corona virus i will be left alone to finish this run at least. so i can breath a little easier. unless we have an an emergency repair they don't want to come to our house lol. my VA baby sitter is doing a telephone appointment. ha .

Big Perm

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Hook the white wire back up to the side where there is a wire missing and you should be good to go.
Looks like there is a screw missing, too.
THX. FOLKS. it's all squared away now. when i saw the other hole the wht wore goes in i saw the screw inside and just needed to undo that to do the white wire. i was going to redo the back wire but the screw access sucked bad. so i have enough space to use a little electrical tape to seal the bit of wire that is exposed if it's bent.

i also have a new lock and seal vertical oriented lamp cord on order already. dude on another site jogged my recall enough for me to do it. it's ready to go just need to tape up. already put the ballast in the gro area. thx again for the help. (y)


There is a paradox brewing here @Stoned Cold Bulldog
You cant cant put 'tape in a socket' and 'safe' in the same thread.
Every 'wire cramp' (terminal) I have seen includes a striping benchmark.

Tape just postpone the fire, not prevent.

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Is better to buy a new ballast....can find hid ballast for good price most times.
I have a old iponiczone 600 watt one that I bought in 2008 and its still going strong today.
Now when it dies I buy a new one...to stay safe. I take old lights to the landfill as I can dump those for free there.