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I had the exact same issue with a timer failure. I believe it was on my Plaza Boss & Roadkill Master run. Found 2-3 nanners but was so late in flower is didnt even matter.
I was about week 4, plenty of time for a seed run.

I tried to pull all the seeds out, but a few slipped past my QC, a couple of complaints and I ended up eating it on that run.


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man I want that bubba if its got katsu in it, I always thought the katsu had a better taste and some was more potent to me, than the pre98, for some reason the pre98 gets old to me quick, tolerance build up or something. Not the katsu, seems like. Also like an old Black afghani someone used to grow,that was some good strong meds back in the day.

My ECSD is lookin good, I throwed it back under the HPS, and broke the main stem off one Candyland, next day the four shoots underneath had exploded, can't tell the plant missed a bit, other plant I just keep bending. For comparison, and for some reason, lol, my ECSD is half the height of the Candyshops and twice as much bulks. Its like not quite 3 ft tall with no more stretch. I must have mixed my notes up on these two strains, lol.

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Shoreline bx. A few pics from my last grow.

Life was getting in the way of this grow, so I only got to run a couple of them, and gave them about every stressor imaginable, but they still finished pretty well.

I've gotten a lot of gear from Shoreline that I'm looking forward to hunting through. He has always been great to deal with and super generous. Soon, I will be resituated in a new spot and back to popping beans.


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Seems appropriate to drop this here....

Southern Comfort = (GMO x Shoreline)
Deep State = (GMO x GG4)
Candy Shop = (Candyman x El Chapo)
El Chapo = (PCK x Bubba)
Crystal Beach = (Shoreline x GG4)
Texas Syndicate = (Shoreline x Chem 91)
Shoreline BX = (Shoreline x Shoreline)
Plaza Boss = (Texas Roadkill x Shoreline)
Texas Oil Plant = (GG4 x Texas Roadkill)
Roadkill Master = (Master Kush x Texas Roadkill)
Candyman = (PCK x Sour Grapes)
Sour Glue = (GG4 x Sour Diesel)
Risky Business = (Shoreline x ECSD)
Columbian Shoreline = (Sour Diesel x Shoreline x Columbian Black)
Strawberry = (Fire Alien Master x Fire Alien Strawberry)
Alien Skunk = (Fire Alien Master x Skunk)
Columbian Fire = (Columbian Black x Fire Alien Master)
Alien Shoreline = (Fire Alien Master x Shoreline)
Patron = (Fire Alien Master x GDP)
Texas Roadkill = (Chem 91 x Lime Green)