Partial res changes.


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More fore people running Benny's. Anyone doing it? Saw a person explaining it like a fish tanks. Stresses the beneficial bacteria when you do a full change.
Anyone have any tricks they use with Benny's? I'm using hydroguard.


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Subbed. I use hydrogaurd also. I've noticed lately that after a full rez change my ph will drop for a few days. Like 5.6 down to 4.6 overnight. Then it will start acting normal after I ph up 2-3 times. Was kinda wondering if it had something to do with the bennies. Might try half changes and see what happens. Would like to see what others are experiencing.


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Some people never do a Rez change.

I only do a Rez change when their is a problem. Like a line busting, tote cracking etc.

Otherwise it would take something drastic for me to change the water out like PH fluctuating badly or some kind of culprit multiplying in the water.

Otherwise I just look at the plants and let them tell me what they need. If they need some CalMag then I increase the ppm a bit with just CalMag. I had a magnesium defiency show up the other day after changing the CMH light to LED so I added some Epsom salt.

I just keep tabs on my meters and see what's up. I check them 2x a day. I have a automatic PH doser so it shows PH and I have another unit that shows PH, TDS, temp etc. When the ppm goes up I just add water to my 60 gal top off barrel. If it's right in line then I mix another batch of nutes for my barrel.