Nutrient PPM Calculator


Little something I have been working on. I don’t follow manufacturers directions. As we all know they error on the high side.
I made a excel spread sheet to calculate total PPMs of Mega Crop with their additives plus mag/sulphate.

Yellow=grams of nute.
Top blue is amount of water.
Bottom Blue is water starting ppm.
Outputs in green.
PPM of each nutrient.
Rows are added down and across to the right.
So when you change the grams added or water vol. it automatically tally’s the results. No guessing.
This is what I am trying for a light veg. PPM came out a bit higher 50 or so I think mega uses some sugars and aminos not listed.
I found a sight that listed most of the micro and macro PPM so I’m following it. No idea if it’s correct. I did up my calmag from my normal. And added the sweet candy to up the PandK. The BE looks like it adds too much K. Even for flower. That is if the SMART guide is smart. Any advice? You want me to run some numbers for MC just ask.