Male clone flowering


They go a couple weeks.
I tip my male sideways over a big sheet of glass, shower door with some fresh paper sheets down to collect. Tap tap on the stock. Make a fold in the middle of the paper so you can lift paper and tap pollen into the middle fold. At this time you can use also use a scraper with just one edge touching to gentle scrape the flowers off the pollen. You can tap the pollen down the sheet. Usually heavy stuff like flowers and bigger particles move first. Good way to separate the chaff.

If you want to store some.
If your RH is low leave it to dry on the paper first. It looks like dust but if you bag it it will mold. If your RH is high you may be able the pollen into a paper envelope and dry artificially with desiccant.
Many thanks for the tips!
Serious flowers started showing up last week. Decided to just go with it. Been playing with the light cycle ever since. Basically turn it off when I go to bed and back on when I wake up, so who knows when XD
The RH is 33% naturally. (No filters, fans, de/humidifiers)
Looking forward to testing it out for s&g's