General N P K and strength question.


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I ended up getting the MasterBlend tomato formula to round out my nutes (And some calcium nitrtate for fine tuning everything).

I think this is going to give me all the salts i need for a really long time. 12 grams is the full dose for 5 gallons so
1kg = 83 bottles which is about the same as 1 litre of AN trio

5kg of masterblend tomato was 84 dollars so its the value i was looking for.

The tomato blend is 4-18-38

They also have one they call lettuce which is 8-15-36 but i dont need that one.

I will use the organics for soil and this stuff for water systems. I am down to my last 1 1/5 quarts of AN trio and then im done buying that!

83 bottles is about what i get out of AN for 145 canadian (3 x 1 gallon bottles total that price).

83 bottles for dynagrow comes in at 120 canadian

Cyco can be had for 86 (a 2 part bloom nutrient made in canada sold in 5 litre bottles for 20% value right off the hop).

The kit for salts is 145 CDN that is 5kg each of CAlnit and Tomato with 2.5 of epsom salt...its the same idea as jacks but made in Canada. Glad i found it Gecko sells it and free shipping over 50 or 75. I am placing an order today !


Imo it’s sort of deceiving because 10-30-20 is the same as 1-3-2 , just labeled different. I always reduce and go by that. So advanced is way closer to balanced overall as a 1-1-1.1 vs jack 1-3-2.

Jacks has a lot of different formulas to choose from. I've been using their Reverse Osmosis formula for veg.


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5kg of masterblend tomato was 84 dollars so its the value i was looking for.

The tomato blend is 4-18-38
I used the Masterblend tomato formula also. It checks all the boxes for me: It works well, easy to mix, reasonably priced and readily available.


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Megacrop is 9-6-17
You're right for the 1 part but here's what you see if you scroll down the landing page:

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 9.59.00 PM.png

But the feeding page shows 9-6-17?

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 10.02.34 PM.png

And finally ppm values for the 2 part in 10 gal during bloom:

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 10.04.30 PM.png

I love the 2 part so far. Finished flowering w/ it last run and starting new round feeding from the start


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Masterblend is the same formula as 3 2 1.

Funny enough jacks mixes like a champ from the I love it again. lol.

I think i will stick to just mixing it from dry. It smells better.

I just ran out of dg bloom this morning...that nute is now off the inventory list and we will flush through the AN trio !


7.2 grams Part A

4.8 grams Part B

2.2 grams of Epsom salts

which is the 321 ratio doubled

mixed into two gallons of 100ppm well water as a base mix ends up 1820ppm on my meter. Not sure if it's accurate, my meter goes to all dashes then shows the 1820#.

So, using that base I added 4 oz into 2 gallons= 480ppm


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Logic would agree with you but with the example of Jackie 10-30-20, it’s 1-3-2 I’m assuming because of the concentration they decided to use higher numbers in their case so you don’t fry your plants lol.
Typically your chems will have high numbers and your organics will have lower numbers. Ratio is parts per I'm pretty sure. Kind of like food. If a serving is a teaspoon they guarantee 10% nitrogen in that teaspoon. With organics you see bigger servings. So in a cup that 1-3-2 may now be a 10-30-20 with the amount of servings in it. Did a dumb amount of math when I first started trying to blend my own master soil. Said fuck it eventually and moved to chems with organic supplements.
i just started to use organic nutes with lower numbers a bit more. i've used alaska grow and bloom with success in the past with promix bx.
1st real go with megacrop 1part original , origin bloom 1-5-8 & base blend 3-3-3 which is what they got a taste of today. mixed at 2 tbl per gal.

3 of them will only get water here on out. i think they are 3 Capn' Shiva's Crunch Berries/

i was stumbling along stoned but frankly my mind isn't geared for the charts above like it once would have been. Now. i'm just glad i don't have to deal with all that shit and never have. I paused cause i forgot what to say. stoned.
so, my idea based on nute applications at different stages for a change.
I can see using chemical/organic dry nutes in veg; then transition to organic dry nutes in the form of teas in flower for a soil grow/bio bizz light/pro-mix bx.
i coco i'll stick to coco specific nutes botanicare CNS-17. i haven't used the new formula yet. i do have it on deck though.