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Tangilope got the whack today, I'll get some better pics in eventually, looks great, the early sample I took smoked great, smooth, and brought a nice flowery deep flavor. Nice big yield and fast, guessing about 4 oz

The spare square is now down to just one plant lbs x sour strawberries

Main tent is still beefing out
Till next week


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Moving along great. Day 15 of bloom i think but i will correct it if needed.
Still feeding my stretch formula (400TDS MC and 500TDS 10 30 20 jacks with 1 gallon tap 4 gallons RO for a TDS of 1100) PH 5.9 this feed.

Both glues are supercropped to hell and back, Walter had a couple of stems to bend. But wall to wall in the 32...filled up pretty nice.
It should give a new benchmark (previous was just under 10 oz with 1 Citrus Milf in 5 gallon coco pot)

250 watts of 3k boards with IR and UV and 660NM chips.

The old#100 from last week is there for reference. I am running out of room BUT they are running out of stretch !


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Back for what is likely my second to last grow update. Lemon Banana Sherbet X Sour Strawberries started exhibiting some bud rot as I had sadly anticipated with these big ass dense never ending buds. I gave her the chop, maybe a week or two early still. I've removed most of the damage but theres still more to remove, and who knows if its spread anywhere else. I gave it a quick lazy trim and hung it up. Wont yield what it could have, but it still more than enough for me.


As for the Uptown Orange, they are just about done - I plan to start harvesting over the next week or so.

For the previous 2 harvested plants the numbers are in.

Gorilla Zkittelz finished up first
Yield was 53 grams
Smells are strong and pungent, sorta skunky and a bit fuel with that sort of classic gorilla glue molasses undertone
Tastes are ok, I think the flavor of the smoke will enhance over time with the cure on this one, but there's not much there on day 1.
Effect is astoundingly stupid high, the kind of high where you mix words up while speaking and stare into space comfortably for longer than you should. Good nighttime and sleepy smoke. The wife approves.

Yield was 100 grams
Smells are dark berry, blueberry, and floral perfume, really smooth smell thats not too loud
Taste just like it smells, in fact, great flavor on day 1, the wife loves it.
effect is smooth and subtle, great mild day time smoke, sort of uplifting and motivating