Ethos Genetics


Я вырастил так много сортов Ethos. Я никогда не видел Herm. Мне очень нравятся их сорта. Единственное, что меня расстраивает, так это то, что очень часто в упаковку кладут плохо созревшие семена. Считаю это неуважением к покупателю за такую цену.
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Было бы полезно, если бы вы вводили свои сообщения в
Таким образом, всем остальным здесь не придется переводить ваши сообщения так же, как и мне.


I like what I see so far but I have 3 proven strains

I have read in that other forum that some

It it on ethos instram in the chats people are complaining asking for tamper proof packs. Ethos owners admits they aware and are working on a fix and suggests to only buy from verified seed banks

Prob is even the banks could swap them out they worried about making a cool packaging but didnt think to protect the beans

When i get free time ill try go back and take screen shots

for now i would only get from one his verified banks
Did you ever get screenshot?


Some of the best genetics I’ve since I started growing. I’ve grown a couple of them Cherry Gar-See-Ya and 10th planet and they were absolutely amazing genetics. About to plant some Mandarin Cookies.


Grow God
i hear that new animal abuse og from ethos is fiyaaa. Dude is such a clown and a disgrace to the cannabis community.

...if ur wondering what im talking about, you should catch darkhorses vid on youtube. its 1 hell of a story and worth a listen.

Youtube vid -