Canadian source for nutes


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Too bad i just found this one...Jacks and a couple of other dry products already sitting in Canada (saving you the trouble and delay of covid shipping).

In the stores here they only have 20 20 20 and 10 30 20...the 5-12-26 was the elusive one for me. I shifted to a different product with similar ratio but would have got that sack of jacks instead.

Dynagrow 4 litre (1 gallon) for 90 which is the cheapest in Canada (120 at Bustan).

Amazing selection and good prices.
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Free shipping is a huge bonus. I ordered from indoorgrowing and they had a sale
they sent me Jacks 2 X 25 pounds of 20 20 20 (shipping included). 1 was wrong so they sent the 10 30 20 free of charge.

They really have great customer service.

What am i going to do with 25 pounds of 20 20 20 let alone 50 lol

But they just did bs no questions it showed up in 2 days

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I bought from them 3 times and just made another order a couple days ago for 4 liter ph down....ph7...ph4 and some storage liquids for my ph combo meter and pens....10 more 1 gallon pots to.
They are a little slower on shipping due to the virus...most understandable.
To get free shipping have to spend 99 bux or order came to 112.00 for I got free shipping.
They also carry some high end gear to.
Was looking at the new trim brush they have...looks like a bbq brush lol