Vegetative AACT


Pollen Chucker
Veg tea (makes 300 gallons)

Get your source water to a PH of 7

2 shovels manure (they call it digested, so it's not scorching hot)
20c compost (source locally)
8c worm castings
8c arctic humus
8c diatomic humate
2c seaweed (powdered)
2c neem seed meal (optional but can't hurt)
1c feather meal
4c PBP veg (pure blend pro or some other broad based, organic veg fert)
2 TB Superthrive
4-6c fish emulsion liq.
2c micorhizae

Brew w/active aeration for no more than 24hrs

Foliar a little then dump and water in the tea ~ once a week.

Thank me later.