Various strains from seed

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Dr. Monty

Green Supremacist
Fox farm coco loco with these lights at the lowest setting.

-Critical 2.0 autos in the pots (dinafem)
-White widow (seedsman)
-Purple queen (Royal queen)
-Sherbet (Royal queen)
-Freak show in red (humboldt)

Gave them their first watering with distilled water and threw in some regen-a-root since they guy at the store gave me a free sample lol

The freak show is already looking freaky and I may have had the fans blowing on the babies too much1D83019D-3AE6-4034-9307-C3874F079285.jpegB2B0D20B-1ECB-450B-934A-D44CBC56612C.jpeg
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Dr. Monty

Green Supremacist
It’s crazy how fast they’re growing. Still haven’t given nutrients.
The freak show is growing slowly tho not sure why but it’s basically a novelty at this point.
sherbet is definitely the fastest so far….
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