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Pollen Chucker
Mar 12, 2019

Any other fans? I really liked the Nigerian Sunshine a lot. Nice mellow old school smoke and not the doughy cookie stuff kids smoke these days. I also have a really nice Blue Orca Haze going outdoors now and her brother has sacks and pollen being collected as we speak.

I'd love to read and see other's experiences. Gas is super generous with his old BOEL stock and pretty much runs a buy one, get one perpetually so I would suggest buying a pack at a time even though it might be a pain in the butt.

Nigerian Sunshine:
Nigerian Sunshine.JPGNigerian Sunshine Day 73 - Copy.jpgsignal-2019-02-06-213850 - Copy.jpg

Blue Orca Haze
BOH - Copy.jpgIMG_20190619_113355 - Copy.jpg


Pollen Chucker
Mar 12, 2019
Here is the active Spring 2019 list...

Highland Green Thai 300
Black Star Liner - 77 Jamaican x The One/Tribal African 100
Durban Bubble x Bliss 100
Blue Mystic/Velvet Rush x Bliss 100
88 Northern Lights#5 x Haze F6 100
Alaskan Thunderfuck x NL#5/Haze 100
Vshiva x NL#5/Haze 100
Vshiva x Bx1 to Mazar/Guerrero 100
Crowbar x NL#5/Haze 100
Blue Orca Haze 100
Swami Indica (Mazar/PCK x The One/PCK) 100
Mazar x Guerrero IBL 100
Mazar x Guerrero Bx2 to F1 'cann' cut 100
Blue Zebra (Blue Mystic/Velvet Rush x Mazar/ Guerrero) 100
Yogi 2.0 (Bliss x Yogi) 100
Bliss 100
Bliss x Red Thai 100
Blue Orca x Red Thai 100
Mazar/Guerrero x Red Thai 100
Kahuna Bud X Cherry Bomb 100
'Black Sunshine' (Nigerian Sunshine x The Black/NL#5/Haze) x Nigerian Sunshine 100
Guerrero x Kahuna Bud/Cherry Bomb 100
Guerrero x Mangobiche 100
Michoacan IBL 100
'Dickweed' mountain organics Aculpulco /Swami 88 NL#5Haze x Swami Indica 100
Crowbar x Swami Indica 100
Nigerian Sunshine IBL 100
Nigerian Sunshine/Punto Rojo x Nigerian Sunshine 100
The 7 x Cascadian Frost 100
Mr Greengenes 79 Maui Cherry Bomb 100
Cherry Bomb/Nigerian Sunshine x The 7 100
The One/Panama x Pakistani/Chocolate Thai 100
The One x Pakistani/Chocolate Thai 100
Purple Zebra x 85RKS/Uruapan 100
Crowbar x Nigerian Sunshine 100
76 Peace Corps Guerrero 100
76 Peace Corps Panama 100
University Washington x Cascadian Frost 100
The One x 85RKS/Uruapan 100
Blue Orca x 85RKS/Uruapan 100
Cherry Bomb x 85RKS/Uruapan 100
Purple Zebra x 85RKS/ Uruapan F2 100
The One/Punto Rojo x NL#5/Haze 100
Blue Orca x Punto Rojo 100
Mazar x The Black/NL#5Haze x Queen Most Purple 100


Pollen Chucker
Mar 12, 2019
THAT LOOKS DANK whats the nose on that stuff I know its mixed with black water
the ones that I got
This is the mom of the cross that you have. With the low RH that it is currently at it is a bit of floral lavender and incense. My buddy calls it "cardboard" but he is also a douche nozzle. The funny part is that he is goo goo for the Nigerian leaner and that is where the woody terps come from. :rolleyes: