Stiicky's Bubble Hash Tek


Sittin @ about 20 days here since I did these 3 batches. I put everything on silicone trays and have had a ceiling fan gently blowing down on them the entire time.

The Triple Nova has almost dried and can be chopped up so it >can< dry.

Sugarberry is still a bit stiiicky...but it is starting to be able to be chopped some. Gonna say another week on this one.

Ditto LVTK.

They will dry out of you let 'em sit out long enough. If it's's still wet. (and you have a higher chance of mold) FWIW....You won't see it cus it's inside the chunk....but when you break'll (likely) see white stuff.


Grow God
I dried mine in the frig after I ran it. If it gets above 80 degrees or so, It melts and has the texture of peanut butter. This was the 1st time I ever made hash this clean. I took the time to separate the "resin" heads from the rest.
As you know, by watching French's videos, different strains have different size resin heads.
I think I got lucky and got everything right for once. lol
I never tried, but I think I am gonna try rolling some out in between parchment paper so I can get a good look at it.


A tale of two strains.

Triple Nova 73 mic.... drying into a "sand" consistency (if chopped enough)


Sugarberry Scone 73. Not dry/still pliable. A bit of gunk in there...but close enough for (cough) rock n roll.


In a week or so it will chop up like the Triple Nova. Once fully dried it can be made into temple balls/etc. or cute little animal figures... heehee


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Great write up and info! I use the full screen bags. Why only have a small filtering area when you can have the whole thing and drain it so much faster. I still do it by hand or with the drill. I never use a "work" bag either, just the bucket, sometimes two. I see no point it beating a bag to death when it pours into one just as easily. I do the same with a drain attached to each bucket as well.
The first time I ever saw a "Bubble Washing Machine". I realized it was just a re-labeled portable washer. Had used one in my travels many times but it got lost along the way.
Impressive final product. Thanks for the tek and the tips! Might have to invest in a new one.