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indica dom?
absolutely... I even pics of the male I settled on. I have 3 versions, the No.3 is the best version and is the one I have on the website and in packs. (pictured is No3. The other 2 are taller... I wanted a full on indica classic style. Taste is sandalwoods with Lemon and black pepper. Longer you let her finish is the more couchlock she becomes. can produce a larger plant with airy open insides and dense buds from the growing tips downward. Perfect for a clone run S.O.G style.
Herijuana is classed as an IBL; and right now comes with a free pack of Element 115 until October 1st.



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I with feminine cohersion ordered up a pack of F4s and was pleasantly surprised to get the Element 115 . I was Hell bent on the Bad Hombres because of my love of Star Fighter and HSSH , my only complaint is I can never remember how to spell His F4 version of Grape Stomper but alas now I shall have a pack on hand to reference that .