Plant Sex Test


"Happy Wanderer"
The test is designed for ACMPR patients who grow on a large scale and don't wish to waste time on males or, the home grower who wishes to isolate males for personal breeding of elite genetics. Its definitely not for everyone.
Capitalism rocks! I don't care if it's something I can't use - it's definitely got a market.

In any market there's got to be a cost/benefit analysis thingy, and if you can slide your product in under that wire, then it's figuring put how much profit you can generate without exceeding what the market will bear.

Reduce the price and increase the market - but sometimes there's only so far you can discount stuff :)

Mr Blamo

Old Timer
If a person is a big grower or a person don't have the space to set up small cutting in flower to see the sex of thiers mother plants this is a good way imo
The machine and the chemicals are expensive though and most cannot afford to buy then a service like wss is offering is good imo
WSS is all about low pricing. I am and will be a long time loyal customer as I seen for myself how his seeds perform.
He buys a lot of fire strains...ones I could never afford myself.
I am so thankful to find his site. ….