One part bloom?


Tegrity Greenthumb
What's up everyone. So I wanna use megacrop primarily for veg and switch to something for bloom. I'm having a hard time finding a one part flower formula that isnt part of a 2 or 3 part system like veg bloom and micro. I run hydro style so chems is what I'm after but I prefer it to be clean meaning no edta etc. May be asking too much but, if anyone knows of products that could do this for me let me know. If not anyone got a good combo ratio/schedule for photos and regs using the mega and bud explosion. Would just run the explosion but then you lose all the micros etc in the mega and if you dial the mega down too much same thing. Trying to use minimal nitrogen if you cant tell.


Grow God
Athena maybe? i think their bloom is a part a and b tho.

If your looking for something just for flower that comes in 1 bottle id check out roots budda bloom. Never used it personally but i use their calmag and love it. very ph stable. Ive used Trinity as a finisher before and got good results from that as well.