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I bloom in a 4 x 8 tent...currently powered with 1k of new tech lighting.

A 6 x 10 room.

Veg in 5 tents.

I am a Candian medical grower...my count sits at 45 with our legal extra 4 which i will put outside.....may 13.

45 plants... i like 5 to 7s indoors so i use the capacity with veg plants.... I like to veg 2...3.....4 months...i dont count.

Space is available..who is ready :D

I got a bounty hunter going on...i love it....
Busting out some OLD SCHOOL greenpoints.... I mean OLD...

Gelato X stardawg
Fruity Pebbles.... these are next

Currently running bounty hunter and...a delightful oldschool orange X stardawg....

Heathen gave me the catalogue... i run them as i grow fruiter beans...my jam



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to really put the reasoing down... my power and water to grow is 275 CDN a month.

I have a fat sack of megacrop 2 part....

I am shifting to organic 7 to 10s and water flood and drains and floraflex totes to see how she works.

I LOVE GROWING.. This is all a game to me...because my prescription costs 700 a month at the cheapest gov costs...and I grow

like 3200 watts...down to 2k in summer to offset pool and ac

Its 4 20 man i am higher than YOU....

1 to 2 pounds a month for 275 CDN or like 225 USD...

I am not mad about anything...I hold no ill will....why should i...

the cost of a winter oz...pre legal...grows me pounds....ohhmmm


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Vegetables ! We have about 4 weeks and i can get some bloom room back
Thanks for the vibes!
This is the bloom room 2 x 10 feet are those veg....in the transition to summer when i remove the 1000 HPS running a MH and cut it down to 1200 watts...the 80 max temp wattage for this room without AC


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Awesome grows as usual G...
Allways sum fire in your gardens..
I also like me sum older Greenpoint Gear..
Recent grows of Iron horse, Jelly pie, Rain dance, Stardawg, and currently a couple Doc Holliday's just flipped... Good stuff imo...
And btw,
Glad your back!✌
I love to grow....weed...and really to nail growing stuff has kindled a primal feeling in me.

My wife always knew she would marry a farmer...she tells me.

:D And this is going to be a great year for vegetables. I grow outdoors purely for hash...our climate sucks for flower.

Many argue who do not know but when your flowers are popping the sun is waning as we get to autumn.

Inside its turned to 11....always... day and DAY


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I have a Dubstep that made it...and an Eso Stank Bubble....

Growing a bounty hunter 3 rounds now too.

A lot of Freak Gear

Some Crush Gear

And testing MY OWN GEAR.. I had this very nice blue sherbert leaning INHOUSE genetics King Sherb I bred to...
Godbud F3 the frutiest of my fems (as I took Godbud to F4).
Sour Diesel BX4 (Top Dawg BABY)
And Heisens Motorbreath X AC....this one is the most rank nasty weed i have EVER grown. It has zero redeeming qualities and it made 4000 beans....but its nasty fierce....its tingles the tongue with weird and sets the brain on fire.

Might have to sprout some on the full moon... But i have a lot.

Give them away in guess the number contests and such.

But...when i find keepers i clone my gear now...took a while...but that IS the ticket.

H was right


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Jenny O

Dantes Pigs pheno 3.JPG
Inhouse Jellylicous...man she loves to throw a nanner...grab it at day 58...YES 58 DAYS
Early Girl tomato...bury that shit D

I create and grow the finest cannabis in the world...
so...why be cross...
Why be contrary
Seeds work or they dont... And cuts...are a differnt thing.
half my grow are cuts i found and kept...CUTS are EVERYTHING...but what if...
always take a cut.
And i am very high...on my own supply..ALWAYS... I just grew mellower buds or something.


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Life is good...

Tomatoes... these are early girls and san marzanos... :D

Freak Genetics Dantes Pigs... It is the strongest strain I have ever grown..got 3 phenos and still can not decide.
My god it makes me dumb...i LOVE IT...finally...turn my brain off in a doob...

I have some really nice greenpoints growing too... i got so high...i forgot why i was mad.
Esos Stank Bubble, my Bounty Hunter of head slappery and the chinook haze i just put in to sex this AM

A fat dubstep too....

Fuck hate....fuck being late....grow weed


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Tomatoes... these are early girls and san marzanos... :D
I was soooooo tempted to start my inside tomatoes. I bought all the seeds there were in the catalog and am growing them all outside, except two that are 'determinate' that I am saving to grow inside this winter. Fresh tomatoes is always best, but I have so much going outside that's just overkill. Are you keeping them inside or just waiting on weather?


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I am currently taking Gods Herbs to f2....and breeding him with some gear I have. :D

Outside....I was going to plant 1 plant...i am at 2 and i will probably get to the legal 4.

Every household in Ontario can grow 4 outside.

Crush Genetics OROX (OBSM X Dubstep)
may 22 orox.JPG
Freak Genetics (unreleased) Flapjacks X Maiden Voyage.
may 22 flap maiden.JPG
Yesterdays hash run... I needed the freezer space back... This was the first 2 passes at 5 minutes each.

Oooo la la :D


I have a 30 gallon Grassroots planter...waiting for something.


I am going 4 outside....i just had 2 for 2...Greenpoint Tangerine Haze X Stardawg go fem....and 1 is for a friend...BUT that should be tall.

I need under the fence line stuff...a ripper took my purple punch and twinkle tart 3 years ago...now I finally have no desire to kill people...but I WILL WIN.

My outdoors are done in live chop and run hash runs...last year i got 3 1/2 oz of FIRE melty bubble (45 to 159).

This year I strive for MOAR !!


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After thinking about it... I have a few greenpoint going on

Bounty Hunter... man this cut i will not give up...tastes like cedar...hits like a sativa and calms down to a dense sleepy stone.

I test for Freak but hard pass on all other testers...i have 20 strains i want to try ....and as I get better cuts it gets more difficult. I have 5 'moms' but i always take a cut.
what if...happened A LOT....

Now I have 5 moms...from what if... :D