Fact - CO2 is heavier than air.

My assumption - highest concentrations of CO2 will be measured @ floor level.

The skinny - I supplement CO2 by burning propane. The venting portion of my garage is sitting just below freezing. The sitting room in my garage is always sitting just above freezing. Burning propane produces very hot air. Hot air rises.
CO2 may be heavier than atmosphere in a laboratory, but around here the CO2 is naturally uplifted by the hot air.
Even with adequate circulation, warm air is venting out the top and the make-up air is coming in stone cold.
The statement seems contrary, yet, unless my fan is set on ludicrous mode, the highest CO2 concentrations are always measured at the ceiling.


Ha, good stuff.
I kinda started to lose my balance the other day, walking through the garage. I detoured to check the reading on my CO2 metre, I started to panic as I stumbled -again- enroute.
Took a few moments staring at the 500 ppm metre reading, to dawn on me that it was not CO2 poisoning; it was the Rum !