My method for making capsules.


Hey gang.. Thought I would share my method for making accurately dosed cannabis capsules.

I start with a pure extract of known THC%. I do this by lab testing my concentrate but for rough math you can assume about 85% for shatter/qwiso and 50-60% for bubblehash.

I decarb my extract in a pyrex bowl in
the oven at 260F for 50 mins, and when the fine bubbles stop and it goes still, it's done. At this point you can mix it into coconut oil or MCT, and powdered lecithin (optional). I use 10g of shatter/qwiso and a Tbsp of lecithin for every cup of oil, or 16-18g of mid-grade bubblehash.

this gives you an infusion with roughly 30mg/ml THC.

From here I keep it in a jar in the fridge and capsulate a bunch as needed.

In the lab test pic it shows the decarb results for my concentrated wash. In that case I first made it into 294mg/ml and further diluted from there. the pic is mainly just to show that the decarb method is more than adequate.


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