Misterkisters first reveg attempt.

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El Jefe
They're both keepers imo..black apple Hitchcock and future #1
After I harvested the buds I realized that I had forgotten to take clones of both of these so here we are I've been giving them nothing but tap water
And they're being grown by viparspectra p600 at its lowest setting. Figure a couple more weeks and I'll be able to take some healthy cuttings.
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a.k.a. Rusty Nails
I have done several flower clones taken in week 3-4 but never a re-veg after harvest. The thing I noticed pretty consistenly is that they have pistils in veg. They usually have a lot of extra nodes that pop nodes that pop... you know what I mean, They get shrubby. Interested to see if they grow out of that phase.
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Revegs work quite often. I have done about a dozen from flowering plants...into veg, taken quite a few cuts in flower.
Maybe 90% have worked perfectly.

I have 2 right now that i rescued from, oops i bloomed the last cut.

They take about 30 to 45 days to start throwing normal leaves again....strip all the other crap off when they get really going and take cuts...or bloom it.

PCG Banana Durban Gushers
PCG Wakanada Strawnana
Clearwater Purple Flavanoid
Freak Starry Eyed

All of these are back on repeat from flowering plants...REVEGED.

They just need a lot of time, and you need a bit of lowers to get them going.
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