Mother Of All Cherries F2 #2 tester keeper, unfortunately I likely won't fully release neither of the MOAC F2's as they are prone to having balls pop up under the skirts, me and the tester both agree that if you can pluck them before they open, the flowers will form as normal and no more nuts will re-appear. However, I don't want to give anyone an issue in their garden so both MOAC F2 phenotypes will be worked more inhouse later to see if I can work away from those traits.

Should also note that none of the other MOAC crosses have shown any intersex issues yet, so that's a plus!

Big Terps

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Mother Of All Cherries x (Garlic Breath x Modified Macberry Moonshine) pink/purple pheno... Aka Charlie Foxtrot
named for the absolute clusterfuck of a lineage lmao

these girls are doing phenomenal though!!
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Those are sum healthy looking plants...

That last pic tho, that's my pick of the group..
Perfect shape all way round, and most obvious to my eye is those wide finger leaves...
It b nice to see em at end...
Nice job, Thx