lucas formula any body have good results it works for me


hi I just joined not to long ago and wanted to share my grow with lucas formula
I used this for a while now and had good results
for people that does not know the mix
what I run is GH nutes 3 part but only use 2
8ml of micro per gallon
16ml bloom and 2ml of pro-tek these girls are 3wks into veg will be flipping soon
I have some black mambas going and grape jelly for next grow
from brisco county genetics by the time these finish I will be ready for the BLACK MAMBA
as you can see these look pretty good I am not a pro to hydro but its a fun hobby
and good meds
any ?'s just ask away

happy growing :>)



Yea I ran Lucas off bloom and micro for years....then I switched over to just the maxibloom which works out to be pretty much exactly the same. The maxibloom has some ph buffers and I liked that even more. Ran that way for about 2 years. Tried megacrop last year and I bought a big bag...although I do add a tsp of magnesium per 3 gallons or water. Love it.

Way back when I tried a few of the fancier things with a bunch of different bottles. Lucas/megacrop has performed better, cheaper, and easier without any additives. People are crazy running the expensive stuff. Doubters should seriously just run one of their plants this way. They will not go back.


I ran a slightly modified Lucas formula for years in promix not was just fine...except the flavor profiles were just not as good as organic soil...but the yeilds were better...very easy to use and no problems as long as you know the pH is best kept lower 6.5-6.0 and Cal mag before 30 days...
I was once hard into the Lucas formula but honestly there is no exact formula imo. If the plant tells me to stray from the plan I listen. That being said, I definitely do subscribe to the ol k.i.s.s. Method and maxibloom will always have a place in my heart. Using mega now. If I had my way I’d use botanicare pure blend pro grow all the way through (3-2-4) but I can only order it by the quart to be shipped up here and the cost doesn’t work out. I flippin love that good shib tho. I once and a while add like 1/8 th of recommendation on the bottle of a generic pk product 2 or so feeds, but mostly love a good one part. Even two/three bottles would drive me bonkers at this point. One thing about megacrop i dislike is it doesn’t drop my ph down really at all. An average feed of the pure blend put me right in the bang zone and I didn’t use ph products whole time I was using it.