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My son suffered from SEVERE anxiety from about grade 7 to 11. One night me and the Mrs, were sound asleep, and my son comes into our room high as a fucking kite on acid. He was having a bit of a trip so I got up and talked him through it for a while.

He hasn’t had any anxiety since.


Maybe it recalibrates your baseline. If you're tripping balls everything after that is groovy.

That's just my inexperienced opinion
Ain't anything much more intense than tripping balls and thinking you're dieing. After that everything is easy peasy. Lol.

Either that or you learn to accept people for what they are instead of what you want. Either way it changes your perception.

I can remember the come down from shrooms was so enlightening. I'm talking after 6-8 of rolling with the waves. It was like you had a secret insite to your life and what you could be doing better.